Wednesday, October 04, 2006

row #3 on body (small)

hi, everyone. i noticed in one of the other comments from this blog that, for row 1, i should the knit the first two stitches (instead of k2tog and then knitting one) and knit the last two stitches (instead of doing a k and then a ktbl). i'm also planning on doing this for row 9.

however, i'm confused about how to handle row 3. i'm knitting it in the round, but can't start and end each side with a yarn forward as the pattern calls for. could i just do this...?
first two stitches: change from yarn forward, dec 2 to k, k2tog
last two stitches: change from dec 2, yarn forward to ktbl, k

as for row 5, i'm at a loss. has anyone else who made the small size made changes to that row? it also starts and ends with a yarn forward.

eta: i went ahead and did what i wrote above on row #3, but i'm still lost on row #5. any thoughts?

eta: i figured out something for row 5. good times. i'll post my notes for this sorry excuse for a chart once i'm finished.