Monday, August 13, 2007

diamonds not lining up

Hi Everyone. I'm finally picking up "butterfly" after finishing a few baby projects. I'm knitting in the rounds, and I've come up with some problems. It seems that my lace pattern is not lining up properly. The size I'm knitting is XS and some edges has a YO without decreases or I don't have enough to do the decreases or too many st left. Should I ignore the edges with the YO and decreases and just do St st? Would the sides look wonky? Thanks in advance.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Anybody there?

Am I the only one still working on this? I put it down and forgot my place when I finally picked it back up, so I had to start over. I wasn't very far along to begin with so no worries. I'm doing the hem now, and I have questions. I'm making the dress version, but I know I'm going to want mine to be shorter because I am very petite. Are the measurements listed for the piece before or after blocking? Also, the size I'm doing says to do 52 cm of the hem frill, again, before or after blocking?

Sunday, December 10, 2006


I switched the blog to the new beta Blogger. If anyone is having problems posting please let me know & I'll re-invite you. Hopefully that will be the solution.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Thanks Ann Marie!

I'm almost done with the hem. Thanks to Ann Marie, the row by row chart helped simplify the pattern. I'm whizzing along. The more I knit, I realized I'm growing out of love for "dewberry" color ( and was ready to rip it and start over with a different color). Fortunately, a friend who saw it and diggs the color, so I'm going to knit it for her bridal shower gift. Oh, I'm going to attempt to knit in the round, (don't like to seam). Hope I won't run into major problems with the decreases and increases at the sides. I'll take a tips, too. At the moment though, I have to put butterfly down and knit up a clown fish for a little baby.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Picking up Butterfly

I've been feeling guilty: I signed up for the Butterfly Knitalong and have barely knit a stitch of Butterfly since doing so. I mean, it sort of defeats the purpose of a knitalong if you're not knitting, doesn't it? In an effort to put my guilt aside, I picked up Butterfly again this long weekend. It took me a while to re-learn the lace pattern (yes, it really has been that long), but once I re-mastered it things moved along reasonably quickly; I'm almost done with the decreasing.

I'm really glad I picked this up again. I haven't knit much lace recently, and hadn't realized that I'd been missing it. I'd also forgotten just how pretty this piece of knitting is. I'm using relatively small beads (not sure if this is a mistake), so their effect is subtle, but I love how they make the fabric sparkle.

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Hello? Is this thing on?

Well, I didn't find any beads that really said "Pick me!! I'll make your Butterfly soar!" so I will be forging ahead sans beads. Besides, butterflies generally are a work of art unto themselves and need no further adornment. Yeah, that's it.
Having made that decision I will make up my hour of Butterfly knitting tomorrow - today has been exhausting! I think that I might go ahead and do it in the round. Did someone here do that or start that? Any tips that I won't have to suss out for myself?

Where are y'all at? I know that you haven't given up & we just need to get our momentum back.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

butterfly. finished.