Sunday, August 20, 2006

What's going on.

So let me show you where I've got to.

Oh, yes, that's right. I can't. Because the digital camera has hidden itself so very well that we might as well call it lost. Except that I refuse to do that. This camera has been our faithful companion for the past eight years. It has illustrated my first year of blogging. It... it... it had better bloody turn up soon or I'm going to have a small fit.

If I had a camera, I could show you the two yarns that could be Butterfly. KSH in a sort of lilac color that I'm not that fond of or 100% silk Andrea in a wonderful greeny-grey-blue combination. The KSH is, after all, KSH and I'm worried about knitting Butterfly without the mohair haze. And purple is not a bad color for me, but this purple is a little light. Here's a picure of it that I borrowed (the picture! not the bandwith!) from some yarn site. It's called Dewberry.
Knit up, it would be pretty. Right? And I have just enough (probably) for the tank, which is what I want to knit, because (let's be real here) where am I going to wear a KSH dress? To do laundry?

I have enough Andrea to make a whole dress (which I don't really want to make) and so, though I like the color better, I would worry about what to do afterwards with half a skein of Andrea.

I have, in the interests of full confession, knit about three rows with the KSH. It would be fine. It's just the color! But I might grow to love it, right? Right? I don't have money for yarn right now and I don't want to buy more yarn. I want to knit with what I have and this is what I've got.

Thoughts? Mallets? Lost cameras?

Francesca (Stuntmother)